Are influenced American views socially, culturally, and financially.The

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Are Americans really over the plane attacks of September 11? No reasonable person will disagree with the fact that there were and still are lasting effects brought on by the actions of terrorist on September 11.

The terrorist attacks influenced American views socially, culturally, and financially.The aftermath of the destruction varied from positive to negative.Unfortunately, some influences attributed to the disaster were not directly linked to the events of September 11. Immediately following the events of September 11, Americans of all ethnic background began to display a renewed sense of patriotism.

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A person could not go outdoors or turn on the television without being reminded of the events and how it bonded Americans.CNN, along with countless other networks, covered memorial services held throughout the United States.The most notable of the memorials was the one held in New York on the one-year anniversary of the tragedy.At this memorial, all the names of the victims were read one at a time.Whether it was donating money to the families of those who died in the tragedy, or even a simple display of the American flag, most Americans showed some sort of support toward the country.The destruction was supposed to rip America apart.

Unfortunately, for those who played a role in the attacks, the attacks had an exact opposite effect.Americans became closer in this time of grief than they ever had before.The bonding of all Americans is one of the many positive outcomes of the act of terrorism. Although most Americans saw themselves as survivors who turn a tragedy into a sort of victory, there were negative aspects that emerged out of the recovery.Some Arab Americans began to discover the other side of American life.

Arab Americans started to feel that they were being profiled.Complaints of Arab Americans being, unjustly, singled out and searched at airports began to emerge.Also, many Arab Americans comp…


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