Candide, between Candide, Cunegonde, and their faithful friends

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Candide, a satire by Voltaire, is about Candide, a young man educated by the optimistic philosopher Pangloss, believes that he is living in “the best of all possible worlds.”Voltaire uses different Satires which define, and differentiates this novel from any other. Candide resides in Westphalia, Germany, in the castle of the Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh. The other inhabitants of the castle of baron are his wife, son and stunning daughter, Cunegonde. The comfortable, yet lavish world of Candide is finished when the baron finds Cunegonde and Candide kissing.

Candide finds himself assisted by two strangers who kidnap him into the Bulgar army. After a long while, Candide was later reunited with Cunegonde, murdered her two masters, and was forced to escape.Candide finds himself at a Jesuit camp where the commander of the Jesuits is Cunegonde's brother.The brother of Cunegonde is murdered by Candide after the happy reunion ended by Cunegonde's brother refusing Candide to marry Cunegonde. After many struggles between Candide, Cunegonde, and their faithful friends and servants, they are all reunited with one another in the free state of Italy.

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The reason why authors satirize is so that they can make fun, or criticize different parts of society, beliefs, etc, indirectly without getting in trouble for it.Candide is a form of social, philosophical, and religious satire. Voltaire loved to make fun of religion, and he often made religious satires against the Catholic Church. For example, The Grand Inquisitor looked at young women instead of preaching during mass.

Voltaire also makes fun of the higher social class, by making them snobbish, and rude.Candide is a philosophical satire because he challenges the idea of that "all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds", also known as optimism.He makes fun of this philosophical view by describing an earthquake in Lima and Lisbon, and h…


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