The the context we can infer that

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The object in question today is a recent found scrubbing tool seemingly used as far back as 1500 AD.From this object we can see remains of some kind of film or paste on it indicating that it was some how used for a scrubbing of the body.We found thefirst of this astounding artifact in a remote area of the New World buried under an ancient washroom.

The object is long with a curve at the center of it for flexibility and has thousands of short brushes at the end of it put neatly into a uniform pattern.The object was a mystery at the time of it being found, but by looking at the context we can infer that was definitely used as a scrubbing object for some part of the body. We found this object under an ancient "bathroom" in association with a porcelain sink and wooden surfaces buried deep in the ground in the New World.

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There were quite a few found recently across the world and scientists have given it a name as unknown brush, because the use of it is a mystery, until today.We have found clear evidence through association that this brush was used as a cleaning device for teeth.It was widely used by nearly every person on the planet and many books have been written as to how teeth were cleaned in the ancient times.

The discovery of these brushes was thefirst material evidence found to support these writings of a brush that cleaned the ancient's teeth.The association clearly shows that the brush was associated with some kind of cleaning of the body, so theories of painting and artwork can be eliminated.By finding it next to an ancient sink we can truthfully say that it was used as a tooth-cleaning unit. The material it is made of, strictly from our observations, seems to be a plastic base and some kind of ancient fur used as the bristles.

This shows us that ancient man was capable of dental hygiene.The brushes have very beautiful decorations on them with all different kinds…


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