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Archaeopteryx is a fossil of a bird which existed durring the Jurassic Period.It is approximately 150 million years old.It is considered to be the missing link of Dinosaurs and Modern Birds. The full name of the Archaeopteryx is Archaeopteryx lithographica (“ancient wing from the printing stone”).Named after the limestone in which it was discovered(www.

talkorigins.org).Limestone was once used for printing because it was very smooth. Eight fossils have been found of the Archaeopteryx.Thefirst fossil was found in 1860 near Solnhofen Germany.Thisfirst fossil was a well preserved and detailed feather.

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The second fossil was found in 1861, near Langenaltheim England.This was brought to the British Museum of Natural History in London to be studdied.The fossil was studdied and "failed to recognise the true import of the fossil and merely remarked on it as a'reptile-like bird'" (www.talkorigins.

org).The importance of the fossil was not understood untill a comparason was made with another dinosaur called the Compsognathus. The third fossil was found in 1877 near Blumenberg, Berlin.

This fossil was found with a complete head.The head was crushed, but was still taken by the Berlin museum for studdy. The forth fossil was also found in 1958 near Langenaltheim, England.This fossil includes the torso only.

It is privately owned still.After its owner and finder Eduard Optisch died, the fossil was not found and is thought to have been sold.It has not been found since. The fifth fossil was found near Reidenburg in 1855, 5 years before the fossil of the feather.It was originaly classifyed as a Pterodactylus crassipes, but after it was re-examined in 1970 it was declaired to be the Archaeopteryx lithographica. The sixth fossil was found near Workerszell in 1951.

It is the smallest one found as of now, it is two thirds the size of all other fossils.It contains a diff…


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