Before of central park, many would argue, is

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Before a discussion about the relationship between architecture and social structure can take place there must be an understanding, or establishment of a common ground about the nature of architecture.Unlike any of the other arts, architecture is essential to the physical survival of the human race.Now more than ever, humanity is reliant on shelter in order to survive, not only because we have become accustomed to being protected from the elements, but also because the human race, in many parts of the world, is reliant on the order that the infrastructure and order architecture provides.

A prime example of this is the city of New York.The very existence of the city is reliant on the different key architectural decisions that have been put in place in order to support the city.The grid origination of the island of Manhattan is essential in keeping order within the city.Without this organizational pattern to keep the masses in order the chaos that we know as rush hour would be impossible to manage.Another major architectural system put in place, the skyscraper, is also a chief factor in creating the amount of space needed in order to keep so many people in such a small place.Even the invent of central park, many would argue, is a key element to keeping the peace on the island.

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The park provides an outlet to the residences of the island, a place where they can go to get out of the "concrete jungle".The dense population of New York would not be able to exist on the island without these architectural innovations. Architecture is perhaps the oldest of the arts.I say this because there is, in my mind, no such thing as shelter without design.

Even when the human race lived in caves there was an underlying order to the arrangement of articles within the caves.This implies that early man used order and form to be more efficient throughout his nomadic journeys.Just the concept of using a space for a certain ..



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