Fighting the coast. 14th may 1948′ Ben Gurion

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Fighting intensifies during the last few days of British rule. The tel aviv-jerusalem road was repeatedly being tried to be cut off by the Arabian forces to prevent Jews of Jerusalem getting to the coast. 14th may 1948' Ben Gurion announced Israelis existence and the neighbouring Arab governments responded with war.

30000 Arab soldiers then invaded Palestine and although they outnumbered the Jews, lack of organisation between the Arabs and distrust with the leaders caused them to fail. King Abdullah of Jordan had overall control. He wanted to control Jerusalem and the west bank. His forces fought for the areas but lost as the Israelis resisted fiercely with the support of the US and soviet On 11th June, UN arranged a month long truce. 7 July truce ended.

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On the 17th of July, another truce was announced, but this truce ended when Israeli troops attacked Egyptian Forces. Israel took the coastal strip between tel aviv and Gaza and drove Arab forces out of northern Palestine. By early 1949, Israel controlled all of Palestine, except for the Gaza strip and the west bank Arab armies were forced to admit defeat. On the 24th of February 1949, an armistice agreement was signed between Israel and Egypt. – A Jewish state was established within a territory controlled by Jewish – Large numbers of Jewish migrants moved to the new state. – Only the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the West Bank remained outside – The majority of Arab Palestinians fled Israel and became refugees. Only a minority remained under Jewish control. – Governments of Arab states were humiliated by the defeat.

Arab leaders were discredited and lost power as a result. – Government of Syria was overthrown in 1949 – King Abdullah of Jordan was assassinated in 1951 – King Farouk of Egypt, lost power in 1952 – Israel Occupied most the land granted to the Arabs in 1948 – 280,000 Palestinians moved to the eastern section of Pales…


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