Israeli/Arab we must look to the past

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Israeli/Arab Conflict Persuasive Essay From the sudden Diaspora in ancient Roman times, until about 50 years ago, Jews have been in dire need for a homeland where they could live and worship in peace.Persecution of the Jews in Europe and Russia proves that Jews need Israel as their homeland to survive.The causes and history of their need for Israel and the aftermath of when it legally became theirs coupled with what is going on currently all points to one answer.The Jews both deserve and require Israel.The Arabs have rejected several of the Israeli's plans to make peace, and have invaded Israel several times, which is why the Jews were forced to fight back.

First, we must look to the past for the causes of the Jews needing Israel. In 70 C.E the Jews were persecuted and ultimately kicked out of Israel by the Romans, who renamed ancient Israel Palestine.Ever since this has happened the Jews have been trying to find a safe place for themselves and have been given a hard time more than once.

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The hatred towards the Jews is called anti-Semitism, which prevented them from having a safe place to live.Anti-Semitism was expressed through Pogroms, which were organized acts of violence against Jews in Russia and Poland that occurred during the last couple centuries.Also, Jews were forced to live in ghettoes, or un-kept slums of the cities throughout Europe and the Middle East.There was also a major persecution of Jews called the Holocaust in which over 6 million Jews were murdered.These acts spurred Zionism, or the desire to establish a Jewish homeland in what was known as Palestine. (Israel)Zionists were so intent and determined to make Israel their home, as they would say goodbye to each other, they'd say, "Next time in Israel".

Eventually, Israeli's legally bought land through Arab landowners that lived in Istanbul called Effendis and Israel's independence was declared on May 14, 1948. …


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