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In April Morning, written by Howard Fast, the theme of maturation prevails throughout the book as the main character, Adam Cooper, changes from being perceived as a young boy to a man.

Also, as Adam matures from boy to man, the colonial revolutionaries acknowledge the seriousness of their battles against Britain. The story is narrated by Adam as he tells the tale of many events that occur in one life altering day.The narrative begins as Adam is being criticized by his father, Moses Cooper, for being lazy and disrespectful. Moses is very judgmental with Adam and does not show him much affection; they don't have what you would call a good father-son relationship. Adam then goes inside the house to talk to his mother and his grandmother, who has always spoiled him and protected him from his father's stern criticism. Again, at the dinner table that night, Moses passes judgment on Adam until a relative of the boy, Joseph Simmons, stops in and enters the scene.

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Joseph tells the Moses that he has been chosen to write a statement on the rights of man by the committee, the men of the village acting to define their positions on their hopes for liberty from Britain. Adam, being only fifteen years old, is a year too young to participate in the committee meetings therefore when his father and Cousin Simmons attended the meeting that night, he went to visit his girlfriend, Ruth Simmons. However, Adam recounts his father's version of events that took place at the meeting and it is made clear that his village, Lexington, Massachusetts, is in emotional and intellectual turmoil due to the developing revolution. In the middle of that same night, Lexington is awakened by a lone rider with news that the British army has left Boston and is marching towards the village. Adam slips out to join his father and the reverend, who are discussing with the committeemen what their response should be if a thousand or more Br.



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