Traditionally was named after in 45b.c. The

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Traditionally April fools day has been celebrated by millions through out the world as just a simple joke or a practical prank that have been practice by young and old alike, there is no age barrier. When questions are asked what is April fools day? Where did it come from, and how did you learn of it. Most people say theirfirst experience was in grammar school most targeting groups between 1st grade and 2nd grade habitually practicing the bun but harmless jokes all the way through collage and continuing o to now end. The humorous fun is an excellent excuse to play it on people you may not like and b the same token you love just as well. Everyone and anyone can be a target for a April fools gag and not be held responsible for there own foolishness whether you are the foolee or the fooler. The history of April fools day or also know as "All fools day" had started in France around 1582 the result of a reformation of the calendar form the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar by pope Charles IX .

Use of the Julian calendar dates back to the roman era and ruled by Julius Caesar and calendar inventor for which its was named after in 45b.c. The Julian Calendar composed of eleven months of 30 and or 31 days a 28 day in February (extended to 29 days every fourth year) was very precise and only errored 11 1/2 minutes per year.

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After centuries a small inaccuracy of the eleven and a half minutes per year ads up and by the sixteenth century the little but continuing minutes had put the Julian calendar behind the solar one 10 days. Under Cesar's rule some one would have been thrown to the lions for such an inadequacy. An advancement of 10 days was no longer tolerant so pope Charles IX and new correction device to curb further error was Introduced, making century years of 1700 or 1800 wouldn't be counted as leap years unless they are divisible by 400. The new Gregorian calendar system is very precise and still used i…


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