After wanted to discuss in the paper, that

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After finishing every book I have every read there has been an eminent feeling triggered by the underlying meaning…

not this one.As I sit here trying to decipher just how I feel, my emotions are stirring.Since I can’t put an exact point on how I feel, I am going to just let it all flow out and hope that it makes sense.In my experience, writing from the heart seems to be the most powerful method.

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I want to start with some of the more general points of the book and gradually get more specific.I think that this book may be one of the most powerful pieces of literature ever written.It makes it even more affective knowing who was writing it and who he was trying to reach.David Walker took a major step saying what said, but more importantly how he said it.

Through the entire book I pictured him walking through a “forum” of white clergy and government officials pointing his finger to all of those so called innocent Christians.I decided when I started that I would read through and highlight the points that I wanted to discuss in the paper, that way I could retrace easily.I got to the point where I was highlighting a large portion of the text, more so that the unhighlighted portion.Walker didn’t waste time saying what he wanted to say, that is why the book was only 87 pages.He said what he needed to say and didn’t beat around the bush.This explains why the book is so effective.

The tone in the text was uncanny.Walker projected his opinions with authority, emotion, and convictions for what he believes.I hear so often that it was thought to be an angry essay.

I didn’t get that impression from the entire book.He was “appealing.”Walker may well have been an angry man, but if you are appealing to a group or groups of people anger isn’t going to be the most motivating force.I thought the punctuation exemplified the emotion behind his writings.

There was a constant use of the exclamation point to show the ener…


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