Jews era of World War Two, because Hitler

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Jews have been persecuted since the beginning of documented time.This religious group has been poked, prodded, exiled, and in recentyears, massacred for their religious beliefs. This racial prejudice iscalled anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is the vicious weapon ofpropaganda used to break down the Jews psychologically before thearmies of Germany even began to annihilate this religious group duringWorld War Two (“anti-semitism” 47).The NAZI Party led in this mass murdering of the Jewish people. Thehead of the NAZI Party, Adolph Hitler, proclaimed that he was not aracist, yet killed over six million defenseless people because of theirrace.

Hitler also declared, redundantly, in his speeches, that he did notdesire World War Two. These are some of his last words: “It is not truethat I, or anyone else in Germany wanted a war in 1939. It was wantedand provoked exclusively by those international statesmen who eitherwere of Jewish origin, or worked for Jewish interests. This led to themerciless opposition to the universal poisoner of all peoples,International Jewery” (Rossel 10).As one can see, anti-Semitism could not be stopped in the era ofWorld War Two, because Hitler outlawed any media that wasn’t showinghatred toward the Jews. The only radio broadcasts were his hate filledspeeches and news reports that he approved. The only programs ontelevision also had to be approved by Hitler or someone under him.

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Nonewspapers were allowed to say anything that, in any way, insulted aNazi, or any other German. If any Jew was caught insulting a German,they were immediately executed or tortured until death. This fear thathad been provoked by the death, starvation, and abuse of theHolocaust, was another type of propaganda brought about by the Nazis(Zeman 26).

Another reason that Jews were hated was jealousy. They werebelieved to be God’s chosen people. Hitler took advantage of this, andused it as another opening for propaganda. Soon, the Jews wereblamed for the death of Christ and said to have brought all of the painand suffering on the world. It was said that God was punishing the Jews,and the rest of the world, for not receiving Him, and once the Jews weregone, the Garden of Eden would thrive again.

This ridiculous theory waslater declared unchristian by the Second Vatican Council (Roth 47). Anti-Semitism was even in an innocent children’s fairy tale. In SnowWhite , the children were to think of Snow White as Nazi Germany afterWorld War One, the apple that put the beautiful princess to sleep wasthe Jewish people, and the wonderful, handsome prince was AdolphHitler who woke the beautiful princess with a kiss, which represented hisleadership (Zeman 76).Another reason for anti-Semitism’s great popularity was that, for a fact,people enjoy hate. They do not necessarily enjoy this emotion as theydo “happiness,” but it brings about interest in an otherwise emotionlessbeing. The emotion generated by Nazi propaganda and the show of themovement of the Holocaust that was presented to the Germans stoodout against the drabness of everyday life in the Weimar Republic. Thisfeeling was a splash of color on the subdued background of Germany(Zeman 13).As ridiculous a these approaches toward racial hatred may seem, theracism of the Holocaust was not limited to only the Jewish people.

Infact, it is generally believed that a total of eleven million people werekilled by the Nazi regime, only about six million of these were Jewish.Among these victims were political opponents, Gypsies, the mentally ill,homosexuals, Jews, and others who were considered the “undesirables”of Germany (“anti-Semitism” 1).Another way of “getting rid” of these “undesirables” was to keepthese unwanted people from producing offspring, so the NAZI Partydecided to outlaw any births outside of German families.

Doctor Charny,a physician for the Nazi regime, drew the attention of the JewishDelegation to the issue of births. The Order was first issued on March 5,1942. The latest date for authorized births was August 5, 1942. He(Charny) would extend this date to August 15, 1942.

In the event of abirth taking place in a Jewish family, or other “undesirable” family afterthis date, the whole family would be removed, and the responsibility tokill the newborn and its family would rest with the Jewish delegates. Thiswas extremely frightening to married couples, especially families whowere already expecting a baby (“anti-Semitism” 1).Just one more way of frightening the Jews was to raid their houses,taking jewelry, clothes,


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