Prometheus, When he was in the home of

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Prometheus, the hero in this novel, has struggled to freehimself from the collectivist world that he lives in. His victory was possible bybreaking a lot of the rules.

He realized from the beginning that he wasnt likeall the other children at the home of the infants and at the home of thestudents. When he became a street sweeper, he was so sad. He wanted toprogress and become smarter at the home of the scholars, but since he wasdifferent he was not sent there. Prometheus knows he is different. It is madeaware to him in the home of the infants. It is stated in the book Anthem, and of all the children that year, we were locked in the cellar most often.Everything about him was different, he was too tall, and too smart andeverything he thought was different.

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He was made an outcast by thiscollectivist society because he was different and in a collective worldeveryone is supposed to be the same and work for their brothers and followall the rules. When he was in the home of the students he really tried to fit inbut it didnt work. His teachers knew he acted differently because he askedtoo many questions. Sometimes he fooled his teachers, but even then he wasstill an outcast because of his appearance. Prometheus says , We are six feettall, and this is a burden, for there are not many men who are six feet tall.Prometheus breaks rules from the beginning of his life in the home of theinfants he fought with his brothers and in the home of the students he was toosmart.

He wondered things so he asked a lot of questions and that wasforbidden. When Prometheus found the tunnel he must have known that wasa sin because International 4-8818 told him that, It is forbidden. Before hecould have not known what he was doing then realized after.

The first senteceof the book Anthem is, It is a sin to write this. His whole life is a sin.


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