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Controlling Arial Moves e. g. Scissor Kick, Bicycle Kick and Diving Header Overhead throw Goalkeeping: Catching Overhead throw Roll Single Arm Hook Throw Tackling: Slide Tackle Double Footed Tackle (Illegal) Lunge Tactical: Your Position Off the Ball Your Position On the Ball Your Opponents Position Off the Ball Your Opponents Position On the Ball Opponents Weaknesses Work On How You’re Weaknesses Can’t Be Shown Psychological: Confidence Motivation Determination Physiological: Speed Agility Reaction Time Accuracy Stamina 2) List the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Player You Are Analysing.

Strengths Weaknesses Technical: Kicking: – I have a rather good accuracy and I can hit it a good enough range, if I am at my maximum level of arousal. Kicking: – I tend to lay off and stay away from the ball so I have less chance of messing up because some times I will make a bad pass and then get blamed. Heading: – I am not afraid to head the ball. Heading: – I forget to do simple things so the ball will end up off target or I am not in the right position. Overhead Throw: – I can throw the ball around eight metres with a reasonable height, speed and accuracy at around 60% of the time.

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Overhead Throw: – Around 40% of my throws aren’t up to standard they will either fall short, go off target or go slow and the oppositions will intercept the ball. Tackling: – When I go I lay off for a bit and don’t pounce to early I can win the ball 50% of the time. Tackling: – I tend to pounce to early and get stuck behind the ball and I haven’t got enough time or pace to catch up with the striker/ midfielder who has just got around me. Tactical: Positioning off the ball: – When I’m told an order on where to stand or who to cover I will do it. Positioning off the ball: –

I tend to drift out of position sometimes and I get back to the position where I’m supposed to be to late and another player has had to cover their positions and mine. Positioning on the ball: – I tend to look for open players or open spaces to pass or run into. Positioning on the ball: – I tend to either take to long or make an inaccurate pass and the opposition will intercept. Psychological: Confidence: – I have confidence doing certain rolls and also if I’m playing with players who I have already had experience playing with and if I feel comfortable with them.

Confidence: – If I’m playing with new players then it will take longer for me to adapt to there playing skills so I will tend to lay off because I don’t know how good they are or how they will react. Determination: – I have enough determination to run around and try my hardest to win the ball. Determination: – Sometimes my determination covers some of the necessary inputs and they knock the ball past me because I’m off guard or pounced to early. Physiological: Speed: – I have enough pace to chase a player if not to far away. Speed: –

My recovery time to get my speed and breath back is to long and they may get round me while I’m still recovering. 3) List Some Practices to Help Work On His Weaknesses Passing and Controlling Practice: – You and your partner stand around 2 meters away and pass the between each other without moving this will improve your short range passing and controlling. Progressive Practice 1: Stand around 10 metres away so you have to put more power on it but still keep it accurate and straight remember you still can’t move so you concentrate on the necessary input’s for the moment.

Progressive Practice 2: Stay 10 metres away but this time move vertically at while passing the ball to get used to controlling and passing while moving. Progressive Practice 3: Stay the same as progressive practice 2 but this time you can move anywhere in the shaded area on the picture. For shooting, strong or long passing practices do the same as the simple passing and controlling practice just increase distance, power or any other particular part of the practice. In or Out Swing Shot Practice: Spot an area on a fixed object in front of yourself e. g.

wall or goal and place the ball around 20 yards away from the spot and stand around 5 yards to the side of the ball from which you will run in from to strike the ball. Then practice curling the ball into the spot you are aiming for. Attacking Header Practice: You and your partner stand around 2 meters away and get your partner to throw the ball to your head in the same place and at the same pace every time and head the ball back to your partner pushing the ball with your forehead and use the strength from your neck muscles to get the power behind the ball.

Progressive Practice 1: Take to steps back and get your partner to throw the ball around 1 to 2 feet in the air, and take 5 steps back, run up and header the ball back to your partner. Progressive Practice 2: Do the same as progressive practice 1 just this time get stand around 5 more steps back and then get your partner to throw the ball at different angle heights and paces. To work on the Tactical points: – Your Position Off the Ball Your Position On the Ball Your Opponents Position Off the Ball

Your Opponents Position On the Ball Opponents Weaknesses Work On How You’re Weaknesses Can’t Be Shown You can get someone to film you while you are playing football, then watch the game afterwards and see what you did wrong and how to improve them.


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