I of the scariest books I have ever

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I did my book report on the Book ,”The Amityville Horror”. Let me justsay that this is one of the scariest books I have ever read. Its about a housein Amityville, New York that has some thing very terribly evil and wrong in it.They moved there to get away from city life, and brought themselves straight intowhat I think was the very heart of evil. Things go wrong, people get sick, hurt,and nearly killed. Things seem to appear when they aren’t there, or stuff willmove.

Sometimes a violent force would shove someone or knock things over, andstuff would appear somewhere else. One thing that scared me most was a creaturethat the youngest daughter called, “Judy” would run around outside ofthe house. Sometimes it would be in the basement, or looking into windows. Itwas a pig looking beast that walked on two hoofed feet and had red eyes, Ishudder to think about such a thing.

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One part that was REALLY bad was when theyfound a secret room in the basement. It was small, and the walls were blood red,maybe even painted with blood. They think that a cult may have lived there firstand used that room for something, that I will not go into. There was this onetime, a pastor came to exercise the house, but when he tried a deep rough voicescreamed GET OUT. Afterwards, he became very sick, he had the flu and a badrash. He couldn’t hold down his food and felt bad for days. But in the end hebecame well again.

This book is scary, I would not recommend it to any one under13. I personally love books like this and if you do too I suggest to get a copy.


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