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e Only Justice Can Stop a Curse EssaysAesthetic Response to Only Justice Can Stop a Curse Reflecting back on the piece that I have just read, I can only think of the extremity of desperation that the two authors were going through to make them feel the way that they did: that suicide would possibly be better than living in a “white man’s world”.

If these powerful documents were not enough to let people come to the realization of how bad African-Americans had it (and still do to a degree) then I do not know what could possibly be more convincing. I cannot stop thinking about the atrocities that the woman in the first writing was calling upon to spite the whites in which had caused her so much pain. Though seemingly extreme, I can clearly recall an instance in history where tactics such as these denouncements and curses actually worked. In Egypt, Mosses did the same thing in order to lead his people (the Jewish slaves) out of bondage so that they could find their own land in which to dwell freely. The curses, though wishing pain and suffering upon their offenders, were not unlike the ten plagues that Moses called upon the Egyptians, the last of the ten being the death of the youngest son of all the families. It was then that the Jewish people were given the permission to leave Egypt in search of a new life. These documents remind me much of that because, like the Jews, these blacks are searching for their freedom in a white world in which it does not exist.

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They feel as if their last resort and the one that will finally bring about results in these denouncements and prayers to God. The second document alludes to a statement that I remember from the movie The Matrix. The author states that it is the whit mans goal not only to dominate the country, but the planet and universe as well. In the movie, one of the men stated that the human race (and in this case, the white race) are like viruses, they multiply and then move on to consume every natural resource in an area until it is time to move on once again and multiply and then the cycle of destruction continues on. Man doesn’t live in harmony with his surroundings, but rather tries to dominate and consume it.

Like the only other life-form that does this, the virus, man (and in the case of the authors, white men) plague the earth trying to dominate all that they believe is rightfully theirs. Thus, in both of these cases, the only thing that is strong enough to stop the present course of mankind is a curse that destroys the white man and his wrath of terror.


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