al political points that some Pro Lifers make

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al and political, ethical, religious, and economic factors. It is defined as the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by death of the embryo or fetus. Abortion is the most common surgery in the United States.Approximately 4000 abortions are performed each day. An abortion is a surgery where a long metal tool is placed inside the vagina where it is used to hold open the walls apart.

Then the doctor takes a small tube with a vacuum and precedes to insert it into the vagina where it sucks out the insides.Then the doctor inspects to make sure the vacuum got all the material out. The whole process takes about 10 minutes and the patient only needs local anesthetic. Such a simple medical procedure one would think what are the problems with a woman wanting to abort her baby?Many of the objectors to abortion (known as a either Right to Life organization, or the Pro Life Organization) do so because of religious beliefs. They believe that the fetus is a person whom has a soul, and according to their religion killing a person with a soul is a mortal sin and the killer and the mother would suffer punishment in the afterlife. Some are not religious motivated they just think that killing what they consider life is wrong, and that point brings up the hardest question to answer.When does life begin?Arguably life begins when you come out of your mothers body and are self sufficient in getting your own air and can eat your own food and water.Although there have been studies that show fetuses having brain patterns, respond to stimuli, they grow ,eat , excrete wastes and all the other signs of life in which case abortion could be considered murder because killing a person is illegal.

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Many of the Pro Life activists say that at conception life is created. If that is considered legally true then accordingly at any point in pregnancy abortion would be considered illegal. This is so because if in the first trimester the fetus is considered alive then it should be as valuable as a regular humans life and killing it would be murder.Parts of the economic political points that some Pro Lifers make is they say that if we make abortion simple and affordable the woman will either disregard abstinence or just simple birth control.And since many of the abortions that are performed are paid for by the government the Pro Life organizations object to paying for a surgical procedure that they consider to be morally wrong. The opposition to the Pro Lifers are the Pro Choice groups.

Their general attitude is that a fetus is not a life ie. the mother can abort the fetus if she wants. The Pro Choicers want abortionavailable for all.

They support government funding for abortions for those on government assisted medical programs, so that not only rich people have the option of abortion.Unwanted babies are not always the reason for an abortion. People choose them for many reasons such as if a baby is going to be born with birth defects that would either cause undo stress on the parents or even make it so the parents cannot even take care of their own child because of the medical costs.

That would arguably make the childs life painful or maybe even not worth living.Rape has been happening since time began and until abortion a woman could be forced to give birth to a child that was forced upon her. If a woman gets raped she might not want to have a child whose father is a rapist, or she might have bad feelings towards the child because it would remind her of the rape or its father. And when a child is unloved or neglected it is known that that child is more likely to get addicted to drugs, turn to crime , or join gangs. Doing all these things in the long run ends up costing the public more. We would pay for it living in jail or its rehabilitation or losing people to murder.

Some mothers are very young when they conceive their child and there would be no way that they could sustain themselves and their child. So mothers who have children young 90% of the time end up on welfare and ruin their futures. While their children are brought up in substandard living would be more susceptible to drugs and crime.Ipersonally am for the right to choose. However I think that abortion is an awful procedure and should be avoided in anyway possible and for it to be a last resort.

I think that the government really has no say in what a woman should do with her body. I think that if the girl is too young she shouldn’t be having sex any way. If they are having sex they should be using protection. If the protection fails the girl should consider adoption. I think that life beings somewhere in between conception and birth, and that after a certain time it is too far along in its development for a fetus to be aborted. In which case if the baby is unwanted it should be put up for adoption.

When it comes to a girl telling her parents that she is going to have an abortion I am torn. One I feel that if the girl will be disowned by her parents it is unfair for her to be forced to tell them. On the other hand she needs a way to pay for it and also the parents need to know what their child is doing a!nd what kind of decisions there child is making.All in all abortion is a very serious thing, and should be avoided when possible. Abortion right now , although is a right and rights are an inalienable and should not be tread upon.

After all this is the United States the land of the free but how free are we if half the population have no say in what happens to their bodies?


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