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“A Matter of Personality” “A Matter of Personality” Henry Wallace is being working for five years at ZEEBEE’S ELECTRONICS, as a store manager, his sales have been rated as “below average”. His boss Sue Sutterwhite is being with the company for 12 years and five of those she was rate it as excellent as store manager, she develop a great set of skills like personality, and the true interest in workers and customers leading her to increase her sales to be the highest in the region.Sutterwhite watch Wallace managed a situation with a customer who want to return a damage item and he did not fallow the store return policy because he believe that accepting this return will end on a loss to the company. Sutterwhite is afraid that his lack of managerial skill will lead to loss of customers, she explained and try to show him the customers view and reinforced the company return policy which said “customer can to return any items with a receipt, within 10 days of purchase for a full return or an exchange for an item of equal value”, also confront him about his poor store sales.Throughout the conversation he never took responsibility for his lack of leadership and personality.

Instead he said there were problems in the inventory control and motivation of personal. Sutterwhite spoke to some employees and their perception is that they do not care about Wallace as a manager and instead they see him as an uncaring person. She decided before leaving the store to documented the information and notify him that she have decide to allowing to improve changes in the sales for 3 month or he will have to be replace. 1. What type of personality characteristics should you expect to find in a successful store manager?Why are each important to the manager’s success? Compare them to the personality traits exhibited by Wallace. A. A successful manager should have a set of skills as a problem solver, positive assertiveness, strong leadership, superior emotional intelligence, sales and goals oriented and be careerist. All this skills play a major importance to management because a good problem solver manager will have good perception to determine a constructive solution to any issues that may arise within the team or customer issues, positive assertiveness meaning to know how to react under any social circumstances, strong leadership is the ability to otivate, influence, coach and train employees to create and instrumental value to achieve company goals, create a sense of importance within each team member and to form future leaders, superior emotional intelligence or EI such as self awareness or self confidence, self regulation to be able to help on a situation rather than obstruct with their own emotions, empathy for others or good listeners to identify employees or customers feelings to solve any situation and most important social skills be capable to hold emotions, settle and interrelate smoothly, resolve any disputes and increase cooperation and teamwork and last be careerist or willing to make any sacrifices necessary to reach a company goal.

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Comparing Wallace personal qualities to the skills need it to hold his position he needs to improve in every aspect of these skills and value his job, be passionate and have work ethics to go above and beyond work within the culture of the company to provide effective revenue and production and develop team work making people feel appreciate. 2.How is Wallace’s personality affecting the attitudes of the workers? What does he need to do to build a better working relationship with his employees? What are his chances of changing in three months? A. Wallace’s personality and lack of skills is affecting the performance of the personnel in a negative way, unfortunately he’s stereotyping the customers in a negative way, confirming to the employees, that he show no respect towards them, or the customers; and employees see and do as their manager expect, and Wallace low expectations lead to low performance, low productivity and a low motivation to reach their full potential and by that not generating revenues to reach the financial goal of the company.Wallace needs to create a win-win situation to create a better performance and to reach the store goals by providing and expecting high performance and treat workers as competent and as a primary asset to him and the company. In a perfect world the chances of Wallace of changing will be possible, if he is willing to work hard in improving his personality to reflect it to others and receive a positive affective component that will lead to a change in his employees attitudes and this changes into increasing sales, to expect his employees to change their emotions towards him and work were Wallace have no total control over it I believe it will be hard if not impossible to do in such a short period of time as 90 days.

3. Using what you know about EI competencies, describe how you would advise Wallace about being more effective. A.When referring to emotional intelligence or EI my advise to Wallace will be to analyze and understand his own feelings to become confidence and later be able to understand others and develop the ability to listen and resolve negative situations in a creatively and effective way, develop a good listener and team work skills to identify customers and employees needs and feelings to be able to resolve any situation that arise in the every day work environment and after everything else to learn how to hold his personal opinions, believe and emotions and fallow the company policies and procedures. 4. Do you think he can succeed? Or do you feel he will be fired? Explain. A.

I strongly believe that he will be fired, because he do not show any signs of ethics, care for customer services and most importantly he did not show any responsibility by accepting his faults for the low rate and poor sales of the store instead he blamed other departments. 5. Describe Sutterwhite’s behavior. What personality characteristics did she display and how did she use them in the case? R. Sutterwhite behavior was appropriate towards the situation, by observing and then reacting on pulling him to the side to explain the company policy on returns.

Sutterwhite try display a effective communicator characteristic by remaining calm under the pressure of making a hard decision of giving only 3 months to an employee to improve or she will have to let him go. 6. What have you learned about personality and its role in managing effectively? R.I have learn that Personality is one of the most important characteristics of an human being, personality is form by different factors and events through our lives, it describe who we are, but if we can learn how to identify our likes and dislikes, our strengths and weakness, more likely we will become successful in any aspects of our lives. Is essential to get to know our personality and learn how to adjust to changes, different places and deal with different peoples to become effective managers. Reference Kathryn W. Hegar, “Individual Behavior”, Custom Edition of Modern Human Relations at Work, 11th.

Ed. South-Western Cengage Learning 2012, 2008, 2005: 87-126.


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