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Consumer Behaviour – Assignment 1 Key Learning’s from the First Two Cases A Case for Brand Loyalty & Exploring Brand Person Relationships: 3 life histories * Different people like different things and there are various factors that influence likings E. g. – Genetic Makeup, upbringing, culture, relationship hangovers, functionality, perceived benefits etc. E.

g. – Anne felt that Gourmet coffee made her creative. Tom was influenced by cost (functional) and what his mother used (upbringing) * Humans are complex and often irrational. It is very difficult to qualify them precisely; we have to do it as best as we can. For the same person the same object might serve different purposes depending on the state of mind. E. g. for Anne coffee is Invigorating and Relaxing depending on the state of mind.

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* To understand brand loyalty, you have to look and access customers, as they are all different. There is a behaviour plus attitudinal approach but there are certain limitations to that in the current form. Insights into individual motivations for Brand loyalty play a major role. Also there is no Black and white demarcation specifying that a person is loyal or not. There is a continuum and a grey area existing.

Sometimes there are people who build associations with brands but in some cases there are people who are indifferent to brands and just establish associations with the category. * ‘Relationships’ exist between consumer and brands. These are governed by the characteristics of the person and the brand. It is very essential for the brand to resonate with the person. * Brands are essentially to help people attain something E. g.

– in the case of Jean many of her brand decisions were based on what she thought would help her attain the objective of being a good cook. People often use brands that match their identity E. . in case of Vicki. They are also used if they create an aspiration. * Sometimes when people want different things/want to be someone else they (on occasions) use different-different brands. * There are brand relationship cycles between the person and the brand.

It goes through Adoption, Maturity and Decline. * Good segmentation is one that is Exhaustive and Exclusive. There should be heterogeneity across and homogeneity within.

The case teaches us that we have to keep studying our customers, and segmenting until we can’t essentially arrive at more segments. Also we have to keep reviewing.


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