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A group of well-dressed, gentlemanly persons come to your house. In the group there is a person known to you. You accost him saying that he is familiar to you and he tells you that he was your schoolmate. He tells you that he and his friends can find for you a job which will fetch very good income. He gives you an application form and asks you to fill it and return it to him with Rs. 10,000/- He knows that you are jobless. You go in and consult your parents.

Your father agrees to pay the amount since the group has your former schoolmate. The group gets the money and thanking the family profusely goes away. You later come to know that they have duped you. Students, beware of those who cheat you that they will get a job for a certain amount. Let students be vigilant. There are economic crimes and political crimes. Economic crimes are committed by the bureaucrats in the Government.

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They misappropriate Government’s money to the tune of lakhs or cores of rupees. Some time ago a person of great influence, high-toned, misuses his connection with the high-ups swindled bank money to the tune of several cores of rupees. When the officers in top ranks in banks cheat the public and the Government acting in connivance with the antisocial brokers we are unable to imagine what is in store for the country. A highly placed police officer was the kingpin in the crime of printing fake stamp papers of the value of several lakhs of rupees. The stamp papers were bought by thousands of people and the Government incurred a heavy loss. A police officer who should be the guardian of law breaks it and fools the public and the Government.

We are unable to imagine what is in store for the country. In the far south of India in a town some officers in the insurance department colluded and misappropriated the department’s money to the tune of several lakhs or cores of rupees. Many print fake currency notes and distribute them among the public.

May be some high-ups in banks may support the antisocial elements and help in the distribution of the fake currency notes. This is an economic crime of the worst order. Punishment to the criminals who commit economic and political crimes should be made very severe. Here in India even a person who commits murders goes scot-free as the dispensers of justice are bribed and as there are not enough witnesses for the crime of murder. When a criminal is arrested he is produced before the court and it takes several months or years to deliver the judgment. There should be a time-limit to deliver the judgment in a case.

In India paucity of judges is attributed as one of the many reasons for prolonging a case. If a person involved in a case does not appear in the court the case is postponed and there may be many postponements with the result a criminal has to spend years in jail awaiting the judgment. Sometimes it turns out that an accused is an innocent. Innocent persons should not be punished. There are many loopholes in the law, it is said.

It is high time that they were plugged. Political secrets to be guarded with the utmost care are revealed to our enemy nations by some spies who do the greatest injustice to their motherland. Oh, for the day when crimes of different sorts will be less! We can only wish for lessening the number of crimes. We cannot do away with them. The most unpardonable national crime is the manufacture and distribution of spurious drugs. The spurious drugs may not be effective in curing diseases and when patients are in the danger zone it is quite unsafe to administer the drugs to them. This trade in the spurious drugs should be stopped forthwith as it concerns people’s health. There are spurious vitamin tablets and pain-killers, it is said.

Manufacturing spurious drugs and distributing them is a very serious crime and the manufacturers should be given the maximum punishment. The medical shops should take care in identifying the spurious drugs and avoid buying them. They should not encourage the illegal manufacturers of the spurious drugs.


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