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The causes of trouble are identified, the treatment is prescribed and then the case is followed up through the appropriate agencies of correction. Clinical method does not take the place of individual counselling but does aid vary materially in getting a picture of the student that is more nearly complete than can be obtained by any one individual, however capable, when working alone. The method can be used in any educational institution to increase the effectiveness of the guidance programme. There are certain guidelines which clinical counsellors must always bear in mind. Hahn and MacLean have suggested some principles which can prove useful: Principles(i) Counsellors should work within the limits of their professional competence. (ii) Counselling should not be forced on individuals with problems.

(iii) Counselling must strive to develop client-understanding of self and of environment. (iv) The counsellor should act as a special type of corrective mirror. (v) The counsellor should aid the counselee to accept himself as the mirror shows him to be. (vi) The counsellor should not close educational-vocational doors without opening others.

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(vii) The counsellor should help the counsellee to consider practical educational-vocational alternatives. (viii) Final educational-vocational decisions must be made by the counsellee. (ix) Counsellors must search out all the angles of a counsellee’s problem and use all pertinent tools and techniques in its solution.


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