One If he is eligible, counselling is provided

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One of the greatest triumphs of medicine, education, and social science in the past half century has been the progress that has been made in reducing or removing handicaps. Each disabled person served by the programme receives the combination of the following services which best meets his needs.

1. Diagnosis and counseling:Physical examinations are conducted to determine the extent of his disabilities and to establish eligibility for rehabilitation. If he is eligible, counselling is provided to assist in planning a vocational rehabilitation programme. 2. Medical, surgical, psychiatric, and hospital services: These may be provided if the physical or mental impairment can be substantially corrected or improved and if the applicant is financially in need.

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3. Braces, limbs, hearing aids, or other prosthesis:These are purchased for him if they are considered necessary to overcome the handicap and if he is in financial need. 4. Vocational training:This is arranged for him if he needs preparation for an occupation at which he can engage within the limitations of his handicaps. Normally, vocational training is provided after the completion of the high-school course and when the individual has demonstrated a need for special training not readily available to him in order to enter employment.

5. Maintenance and transportation:This is provided during the training programme if it is found necessary to meet the expenses incurred in the training. 6. Tools, equipment, and occupational licenses:These are provided if found necessary during the training programme or to aid a person in establishing his own business. 7. Placement on the job:This is the goal for each person undertaking a vocational rehabilitation programme.

Every effort is made by the rehabilitation staff and by cooperating agencies to assist in satisfactory placement. 8. Follow-up on the job:This is provided for several months to be certain that the placement is satisfactory both to the client and to the employer.


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