Eg:- with others. 5. The legal duty involves

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Eg:- UN enforced economic sanctions on Iraq. UN freed Kuwait from Iraq by using force. 3.

It is heteronomous (being imposed upon men upon the outer life of men). 4. Law regulates State relations with others. 5. The legal duty involves a corresponding right and such right is enforceable.

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6. Legal rules admit in principle of alteration. 7. The law applies to all the subjects whether they want or not. 8. United Nations Organisation now has the organized machinery for enforcement of its resolution.


1. Morality demands that States should act from a sense of ethical duty.

2. Morality has no such enforcing authority. 3.

It is autonomous (coming from the inner life of men) 4. Moral principles do not regulate. 5. It is also accompanied by a corresponding right. But such right is not enforceable. 6. Moral rules do not admit even in principle admit of change by legislation.

7. The morality also applies to all the subjects. But it depends from subject to subject. 8.

There is no such organisation for the enforcement of morals.


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