Satellite the march along the path of

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Satellite communication has ushered in instantaneous contact from one corner of the globe to another. Instant communication through cordless, cellular and mobile telephones, paging, and electronic mail, etc. are really wonderful. Then there are computers, which help retrieve any information you require from anywhere in the world. Satellites have also revolutionised our world of entertainment through dish and cable T.

V. Science has completely changed the face of the earth and the outlook of man. So much so that if one of our forefathers were to come alive, he would not easily recognise either the place or his descendants. And the march along the path of progress, past milestones of achievements, is on in the vehicle of science. The ride is so wonderful, so pleasant and thrilling that it makes one forget his vital breath for a moment.

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Life has become so easy, convenient and comfortable because of our scientific achievements. Science is a powerful weapon and it is up to man how he uses it. Science is neither a blessing nor a curse in itself. It is knowledge—pure, powerful, universal and absorbing—always at our service, command and bidding. Its aim is to serve sincerely but it is our prerogative to decide what service we ask science to render.

Therefore, it is unwise to categories science as evil or good. Science has helped us in eradicating many diseases, which were fatal in the past, and in treating many others. Now transplantation of many vital organs is a common medical practice. As a result of many medical discoveries and inventions, man finds himself safer, secure and his age lengthened.

It is because of many scientific teachings and learning-aids that distant education is so popular, cheap and universal. Science has turned learning into a pleasure. The wonders and achievements of science are too many. Take for example, the harnessing of nuclear energy. It has broadened the horizons of power to be used to run mills, factories, engines, railways, to light up homes and streets, to energies pump sets and tubewells, to smoothen earth-moving and mining work, to be used in irradiation, to preserve seafood and other food items and sterilisation of medicines, to name only a few of the areas. There are many other areas which have immensely benefited by it.

It is a great and inexhaustible power with huge potentialities. Again, the world of scientific appliances is no less wonderful. Now man has more time because of these gadgets and conveniences. Science has helped man to leapfrog into a new, bold and wonderful world of fantastic achievements, comforts and conveniences. No doubt, the other side of the coin shows the darker visage of science. The misuse of science and its inventions has brought the entire humanity on the brink of destruction and annihilation. It has produced very dangerous weapons, like nuclear bombs, missiles, and fatal and poisonous nerve gases, etc.

, but again it needs to be underlined that science is neither good nor bad. It is knowledge; it is power, a boon and gift, a key to unlock the secrets of nature. If we misuse it, we are to blame.


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