3. the residence. An Indian, working in Gulf

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3. Nationality of a State includes all persons who are political members of the State and who owe allegiance to the State. 4. A person may continue his nationality, even after he loses his citizenship. 5.

Nationality is not accompanied with the residence. An Indian, working in Gulf countries or in America is called as an India. 6. A mere possession of a nationality does not qualify a person to have all political rights.

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7. Nationality is a link between State and subject.



The term ‘citizen’ is the concept of State Law. 2. It has a narrower significance. It usually signifies the permanent allegiance to a country. 3. But all nationals may not possess citizenship. 4. A person may not live in the country if he loses his citizenship of that country.

5. Citizenship is accompanied with residence. 6. Citizenship qualifies a person to possess all political rights. 7. Citizenship is a link between a person and the State law.


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