4. attainment, feedback and participation. It is

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4. Effective goal setting and planning by top management. 5. Mutual goal setting 6.

Frequent individual performance reviews 7. Some freedom in developing means of achieving objectives. MBO is thus, a method of mutual goal setting, measuring progress towards the goals, tacking action to assure goal attainment, feedback and participation. It is a result- oriented philosophy, enabling an employee to measure progress towards a goal, which the employee often has helped to set. Features of MBO: The key features of MBO are:1. Superior and subordinate get together and jointly agree upon the list of principal duties and areas of responsibility of the individual’s job.

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2. The subordinate sets his own short-term performance goals or targets in co­operation with his superior. 3. They agree upon criteria for measuring and evaluating performance.

4. From time-to-time (periodically), the superior and subordinate get together to evaluate progress towards the agreed-upon goals. At these meetings, new or modified goals are set for the remaining period.

5. The superior plays a supportive role. He tries, on a day-to-day basis, to help the subordinate achieve the agreed upon goals. 6.

In the appraisal process, the superior plays less of the role of a judge and more of the role of one who helps the subordinate attain the organisation goals or targets. 7. The process focuses upon results accomplished and not upon personal traits.


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