Out ideal teacher. He is respected by

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Out of all my teachers, Shri M.L. Puri, the English Teacher, has influenc me the most. I regard him as my ideal teacher. He is respected by all the studej as well as liked by all members of the teaching staff.

The Principal also hold him in high esteem. Mr. Puri has established an excellent rapport with students. He treats them as his own children. He teaches them with love and affection. As far as I can recollect, he has never punished or beaten any student. He is educationally well-equipped for the job of an English teacher. 1 holds an M.

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A. degree in English in the First Division. He has also done his| Ph.D. He possesses a long experience of teaching English. He is an avid lover of books.

He has set up a very good library in his house. He often lends his books to students to inculcate in them the habit of reading. His informal method of teaching is very good.

Every student can understand it. He encourages students to put questions to resolve their doubts He answers them in a polite way. He is of the firm view that questioning sharpens the creative faculty of students. A number of his students had acquired so much proficiency in the English language that they were able to score high marks in competitive examination and face interviews with confidence. Some of his students now occupy high positions in government offices, banks and private companies. Whenever he comes to know that one of his students has come up in life, he feels a sense of satisfaction. He possesses a very pleasing personality.

He is always cheerful. He is very unassuming. He never boasts of his qualifications or achievements. I admire his sense of humility. He wears very simple but clean clothes.

He neither drinks nor smokes. He is a teetotaler. He believes in the Gandhi and principle of “simple living and high thinking”. His students try to emulate his habits. He is a strict disciplinarian. He feels that our country cannot progress without discipline. But he believes that if discipline is to become a part of life, it should come from one’s convictions.

If it is imposed, it will not last for a long time. He is very punctual. He takes his classes regularly. He always impresses on his students the need to follow discipline not only in school but also at home. He takes keen interest in sports. He always inspires his students to play games. Every student of his class regularly plays one game or the other. Therefore, all his students enjoy very good health and they rarely fall sick.

He encourages his students to take part in cultural activities also. Whenever any cultural programme is arranged in the school, his students are always in the forefront. They take part in dance, drama and music. He also tells his students to engage themselves in some hobby or the other to avoid boredom. He commends the hobbies of gardening, painting, doll-making, stamp collecting, etc.

Mr. Puri is thus an ideal teacher. He teaches his students the virtues of truth, honesty and non-violence. He lays great stress on moral education. He wants his students to study the life and teachings of prophets, saints and seers belonging to all religions. He exhorts his students to be patriotic and loyal to their country and safeguard its independence at all costs.

I worship Mr. Puri for his sterling qualities. I wish him a long and happy life.


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