Tine not carelessly drop on the ground.’

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Tine late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, K.

Kama raj, studied in a school. But he had abundant common sense. He was the confidant of Jawaharlal Nani. Comm. on sense sometimes makes up for the lack of intellectual power Sometimes common sense has more importance than intelligence. There is a story to explain this point. A teacher had five devoted pupils. The pupils always accompanied their teacher wherever he went to serve him.

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The teacher ire was very affectionate towards them. He treated them as his own sons. He taught them well and they became more and inure knowledgeable. But they were quite innocent. Sometimes they were found to be foolish. Ruing a journey, the pupils carried the teacher’s bags. One o^ the bags had in it his toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and a bottle of oil.

When the teacher was going ahead of the pupils suddenly he turned back and asked his pupils to get for him his comb. The pupil who carried the bag containing his comb search end for it and he found it missing. He told the teacher that the comb was not found. The teacher got angry and scolded his pupil ^who lost the comb. He told them that they should not lose any article he entrusted to them. The pupil who lost the comb apologized to him profusely and told him that he would be careful. One of the pupils told his teacher, ‘Sir, please tell us which are the things which we should keep carefully and which we should not carelessly drop on the ground.’ ‘All right, I shall tell you.

Please make out a list.’ The pupils wrote down the articles they should not drop on the ground, they should not lose. The teacher said, ‘the articles you should not drop on the ground are: My four dhotis, my four shirts, my toothbrush, toothpaste, the bottle of oil and the articles which belong to you.’ ‘All right, sir, we have made out a list. We shall carefully keep them, ‘said the pupils.

The teacher was pleased. As the teacher was going ahead he stumbled on a stone and fell. He could not get up easily as he was a little old. The teacher looked at his pupils with anger and surprise and scolded them thus: ‘Why can’t you help me to get up?’ ‘Sir, we have not dropped you.

You are not in the list of things that we should not drop,’ said all the pupils in a chorus. ‘You fool; you all have no common sense. If I fall down you should help me to get up,’ the teacher said. One of the pupils said, ‘All right, sir. We shall add you also in the list.

’ This incident shows that the youngsters had no common sense at all.


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