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Let me tell you of my objective. I may say that my English teacher, Mr. Premed Kumar, a gem of teachers, inspired me when he said that I should have a goal in life and achieve it somehow or other. He was not a teacher who just taught the English lessons earnestly but one who was a friend, philosopher and guide. Now and then he would moralize and admonish us that we should never deviate from the path of discipline. Often he would tell us that it should not be our objective to seek some job and work and retire having discharged the normal duties of a family head. We should leave our imprints on the sands of time, he would often say. Mr.

Kumar’s words of inspiration are a source of great encouragement to us. Teachers serve as stepping-stones to success. Mr. Kumar was definitely a teacher who made us dream of a great future. He would often advise us to study the lives of the great men and women of the world. Some of them are great leaders of humanity. They have taught people to be ideal citizens, who have learnt the noble principles of truth, honesty, perseverance and unselfishness.

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Mr. Kumar has made many students think of shaping their future well. Many scientists have revolutionized the world by their remarkable inventions. Edison’s invention of electricity has brought about many changes in the world. From the Stone Age we have stepped into the age of interplanetary travel. During the Stone Age people made weapons of defence with stone.

They did not know what civilisation was. Science and technology have indeed changed the world very much. There was a time when people suffering from some severe diseases died as there were no medicines to cure them of their diseases. Now, the world is quite different from what it was. Our lifestyle has changed a lot. I want to become a scientist. I want to do research in the field of medicine. I want to invent new medicines for the diseases which are still incurable.

Mr. Kumar has made me think. If I become a scientist and invent some new medicines to fight out deadly diseases, I should thank Mr.

Kumar, my most respected English teacher. It is often said that a teacher is not one who merely teaches some subjects but one who shapes the character of his students. Swami Vivekananda in his lectures emphasized this truth again and again. I salute Mr. Kumar as an ideal teacher.


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