A select suitable books. My school has

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A good library needs a librarian who is well-qualified in library skein such a person can maintain the books properly. He can also guide the studs to select suitable books. My school has a very good library. It is housed in a veil spacious rood the school building it. It has a total of 25,000 books on various subject has a good number of text books also. All the books have been systematic! Kept in racks and cupboards the books have been classified and idea according to their subject.

Students can find any book of their choice without any difficulty. Our school library also keeps magazines, periodicals and newspaper they are kept on the reading table of the library. The librarian of our school library is a thorough gentleman. He is qualified person.

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He is very co-operative. He helps the students to find books they like. He has the names of the writers and their books on his fang tips.

He keeps a record of all the books properly. He keeps the school Libra neat and clean. He ensures pin drop silence in the library. He welcomes suggestions from the students for the improvement of the library. His purchase) new books only after taking into consideration the needs of the students) All the students of our school have been issued two borrowers’ card each student can get two books issued at a time on these cards the book issued for 7 days at a time. If a student does not return a book on the du dill he has to pay a penalty of fifty paise per book per day. If a student lose Alba issued to him, he has to make good the loss by either depositing the pricey the book or replacing the lost book with a new one. Students are supposed] keep the books in.

a good condition. The school library is a boon for the poor students who cannot afford to purchase their own books. They can borrow these books from the school library and study them at their homes. In a corner of the school library, a large table has been kept. A number of magazines and newspapers are arranged properly on this table.

There are a number of chairs so that students can sit on these chairs comfortably and read what they like. Our school library has a Notice Board. It is used for writing the important “news of the day. A “Thought for the Day” is also written here. Titles of new books added to the school library are also displayed on this Notice Board for the information of the students. The working hours of our school library are from 10.00 A.M.

to 6.00 P.M. It is also kept open on Sundays and holidays. In fact, the number of students who come to the library on Sundays and holidays is more than the number of students coming on working days. We are proud of our school library. It provides us with good books which are our best friends.

We must love books. We should be careful in handling the library books. We should not spoil or damage them. We should treat them as our own books. We should make the best use of our school library.


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