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A juggler is very popular in villages and small towns, particularly among women and children. The people there are generally poor. They do not have sufficient money to afford other costly means of entertainment. Besides, they have no accessibility to modern means of entertainment.

They enjoy the show of the juggler. Women and children are amazed at the wonderful tricks and gimmicks of the juggler. They take him as a magician. A juggler has a good earning during the times of fairs and festivals. Generally, a juggler is dressed shabbily. He has a long loose coat, a big turban, a dhoti and a pair of old and worn-out shoes.

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Sometimes, he has big ear-rings and rings in his fingers. He wears a funny and peculiar appearance to draw the attention of the people. Often, he carries drums and a flute with him. He plays sweet notes on his flute. He has a young boy with him who carries his stock-in-trade in a bag or a basket. A juggler has many items to show. He generally begins with the card tricks. He can correctly tell the card that has been pulled out of the pack by a spectator.

He also shows other feats. His tricks and shows are very interesting and surprising. A ball trick is a very popular show of the juggler. Besides, a juggler takes a number of balls.

He throws them up in the air in quick succession. The ball keeps revolving in the air without falling on the ground. This leaves the spectators spell-bound. They take all these as magic.

But this is the ingenuity and regular practice which add to his perfection. A juggler often invites the spectator to participate in his show. He asks the spectator for his ring. He covers it with a piece of cloth and waves his magic wand over it. When he removes the cloth there is no ring. People are amazed to see the wonder. But the owner is anxious to get back his ring. He takes the test of the patience of the owner.

When he finds that his patience is exhausted, he asks some other spectator in the crowd to search his pocket. Much to the surprise of the people, the ring is found in the pocket of the owner himself. First of all, a juggler selects a suitable place for the performance. He spreads a piece of cloth on the ground and begins to play on the flute. The boy begins to beat the drum. The juggler is adept at playing on the flute. He is very clever, witty and quick in his movements.

During the show he is very confident and committed. He entertains the people with his jokes and remarks as well. A juggler earns his living by his clever feats. After the show, the juggler moves with a bowl and asks the spectators to put something in it. Generally people drop coins in it. It is true that his earnings are meager.

He is ill-fed and ill-dressed. But he lives a carefree life. He toils hard to amuse us.


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