Rampyari meals on time. She takes care

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Rampyari is very active and labourious. She gets up early in the morning before we get up. She brooms the house and makes it neat and clean. When my mother is in the kitchen she is with her. She helps her in cooking. She arranges everything for her. She helps her in packing our lunch.

She makes ready our water bottle. She serves us our meal. She is always at our back and call. When my mother goes to market she is with her to help her in buying vegetables. In my mother’s absence she looks after our grandparents. She serves them meals on time. She takes care of their other needs.

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They also love her as their own children. In fact, my mother feels free due to her. Rampyari is good at studies. She takes great interest in her studies. When she is free she devotes her time to study. She does her homework on time.

Her teachers appreciate her sincerity, hard work and punctuality. Her parents feel proud to learn about her studies. Whenever she finds any problem in her studies, she discusses it with my mother. My mother helps her as does she help us. She encourages her for studies. In the evening we play with her. When we are for outing, she is with us.

We also love and take care of her as a family member. Her parents feel good to learn all these. When my mother buys anything for us, she also buys something for her. When she goes home, my mother gives her gifts for her parents and spouse.

She loves all of us. Even among her family members she misses her a lot. She is very nice. We eagerly wait for her return.


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