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Our health depends to a large extent on a clear environment, on our clean habits. At home and outside our home we should be conscious of cleanliness.

Cleanliness is next only to Godliness. The habit of keeping our home and the environment clean speaks of our character. Only a disciplined man is conscious of cleanliness. If you keep things at home and the environment clean it does us a lot of good. If you keep things at home untidy it gives a poor impression about you to others. The kitchen, the main hall, the dining room, the bedrooms, the almirahs, the bathrooms and so on, should be kept clean.

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If dirt and dust accumulate in the kitchen they encourage cockroaches, insects and lizards to come and live in our kitchen. If sugar spills on the kitchen floor it attracts ants. We have to spend some time to drive them away. A mother should be conscious of the cleanliness in the kitchen and she should teach her children and husband the importance of cleanliness.

It is the responsibility of everyone in a family to keep the main hall, the bedrooms and the bathrooms clean. If a visitor comes to our house he or she should be impressed by our cleanliness. In some houses the members of a family have the habit of piling up clothes in one corner, books in another corner and some utensils in some other corner. We should have the habit of keeping certain things in certain places. Only then we will be able to find the things we want.

If it is a pell-mell it is confusing. Cleanliness speaks of our character. If we keep our minds clean we can keep our home and surroundings clean.


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