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In my dream country, everybody will have education comparable to the standard best in the world. There will be zero illiteracy. Even the poorest of the poor will be educated enough to do all their work on their own. The present system of education will be reorganised and reoriented to ensure the accessibility to all. This is very important for a nation that its citizens should be well aware and well informed of their duties and responsibilities.

Poverty will be considerably minimised, if not completely abolished. Every citizen of the country, irrespective of caste, colour, sex, region or religion will be entitled to basic facilities of life such as universal education, employment, housing, health and Medicare. The state will take upon itself as its duty to look after every citizen. All will enjoy a dignified life. They all will have equal opportunity to rise in life. Workers will get their rightful due. Women workers will be paid equal to their male counterparts. There will be no place for strikes, lockouts and agitation in the country. All hands will get work as per their capability. Students, out of their schools and colleges will have ready employment of their choice and capability. There will be quality education in academic institutions.

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India of my dreams will be an industrialized country. There will be big industries in all parts of the country. The country will be self-reliant in every respect. People will have sufficient job opportunities. The products produced in factories will have standard of world quality. The remotest villages will have facilities of transport and communication available. Quality Medicare will be available even in the remotest areas. Nobody will have to die for want of good medical care. The benefits of scientific progress and technological advancements will rip to the longer level. Dams and irrigation projects will convert even seemly deserts into fertile grounds for increased cultivation. Farmers will be prosperous.

Caste distinction will find no place in our social life. Social evils like the dowry system and the caste system will disappear. Women will be given equality with men in every field of activity. They will work side by side with them and enjoy economic independence. India will have friendly relations with its neighboring countries. It will enjoy a place of pride in the country of nations.

All these are not Utopian ideals. These are the things that I want to see in my dream India. If we will become committed and focused, it is not impossible to turn these ideals into reality.


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