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The Election Commission is the apex body which conducts, regulates and controls the whole process of election. The schedule of the election is decided by the Election Commission. The candidates who aspire to fight the election have to file their nomination papers. The candidates assess their own positions and chances when the picture of the contest becomes clear. After a certain period a candidate can withdraw his/her nomination, when he/she sees little chances of his/her winning. The candidates start election campaign through posters, election meetings, pre-election speeches, processions and canvassing, etc.

They also make personal contact with the voters. They also use television and radio. The candidates woe the voters in different ways.

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They through election manifestos explain their objectives, schemes and plans. The election manifesto is an important paper. It gives a clear picture of what the particular party plans to do for the country, if it is given a chance to form government. It also serves as a record of the ruling party’s achievements, failures and lapses.

The candidates use a symbol to fight election. There are candidates fighting on the tickets of the recognized party- national or regional. Some candidates fight independently. They are allotted symbol by the Election Commission. The Election Commission draws out the entire schedule of election. It issues certain codes of conduct.

All the candidates contesting election have to strictly adhere to the codes of conduct. It is mandatory. In case of failure to follow them, the candidates are liable to be punished.

The Commission is a constitutional body. It prepares the electoral rolls. It prepares the voter ID card.

It fixes election booth and gets the ballot papers printed. It keeps a vigilant eye on the entire election process. It appoints the election staff to supervise the election.

On the Election Day, the voters visit the election booth. They get the ballot papers which bear the name of the candidates and their symbols. They stamp the symbol of their choice and put the paper in the ballot boxes. The polling is secret in India.

When the election is over, the ballot boxes are sealed and sent for counting. On the scheduled date the votes are counted in the presence of the candidates. The candidates who get the largest number of votes are declared elected by the returning officer. Usually, the district magistrate is the returning officer. Thus, the largest celebration of democracy is held.

The government is formed. Voting is our right. We should actively participate in election and select good candidates.

Only then we’ll have good governance.


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