During a challenge. The villagers who were there

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During the last few months, there was a spate in the occurrence of railway accidents. One such accident took place between Kalka Mail and Deluxe Express at Purulia station in West Bengal. It occurred during the early hours of morning. There was a bang and then everything was lost.

It was a head-on collision. The train began to stagger with a deafening sound. There was hue and cry all around. People were shocked at the noise. As it was early morning, most of the passengers were in deep sleep. Those who were on the upper berth fell down and sustained serious injuries. The spot where the accident took place was a remotely backward area of Purulia district. There were no road links.

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There were fields all around. Starting a rescue operation in such a place itself was a challenge. The villagers who were there in the field rushed to the help of the passengers.

The scene of accident presented a horrible sight. There were cries and noise. Some people were crying for help.

Some were crying at the suffering and pain caused by the accidents. The accident was so severe that the engine of the Kalka Mail, after ramming the Deluxe Express engine, had forged deep into the compartments of the Kalka Mail. The damage was greater to the Kalka Mail than the Deluxe Express.

The driver of the Kalka Mail had died on the spot. Many people had died due to serious inquiries, while several passengers were sandwiched in the windows of the train. Some passengers had lost their legs and arms while others were bleeding profusely. The piercing cry of the kith and kin of the deceased was heart breaking. There was blood everywhere. The luggage lay broken and scattered. The belongings of the passengers were lying around the site of the accident. The administration soon became active.

Medical aid was immediately rushed to the spot to help the injured and the trapped passengers. There were ambulances and teams of doctors with all arrangement of first aid and emergency treatment. Those who had minor injuries were given first aid while the seriously injured were carried to the hospitals in ambulances. The villagers were active with food and medicine to help the passengers of the ill-fated train. The sight was heart rending as there were piles of dead bodies.

Relatives and friends of the deceased were coming from far off places to identify the dead and claim the bodies. The whole area was crowded by the doctors, nurses, victims, social workers and villagers. However, the administration did appreciating work. It efficiently handled the situation. The railways also did good works.

It announced to give ten lakh to the kin of every deceased and one lakh to every injured. In addition, it announced to offer government job to the immediate relative of the dead. It arranged a special train for the stranded passengers.


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