The every effort to score good marks. Scolding

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The Headmaster then read out the names of the prize­winners. I was called first and it was announced that I got a prize for general proficiency. I was given a set of classical Tamil poetry books and a set of classical English books. I was called four times to be given prizes for my first rank in English, Tamil, Physics and Mathematics. Many other students were given away prizes.

I felt really proud and enthusiastic. My parents were very happy that I got many prizes. In fact I did not think I would get so many prizes.

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Many of my friends congratulated me. The Headmaster spoke to me some encouraging words. My father daily sat with me and coached me. He used to clear my doubts.

I realised that hard work pays. A student should be encouraged at home and in school. There is nothing like patting a dull, unenthuastic student and saying some words of encouragement to him to read diligently. Parents and teachers should advise the students to study well and to make every effort to score good marks. Scolding a dull student who does not put in efforts to shine well in the class, may have the effect of blunting his intelligence and he may become uncooperative, if he is very sensitive to biting remarks. Students are of two categories. Some take advice in good spirit and profit by it.

Some resent being advised, for, they think they are well-informed and that they need no advice from others. The second category is quite nameable to discipline and corrective methods. They are the ones who turn rebellious and they have the least idea of discipline, decency and courtesy. Students who have the frame of mind to grasp the essence of considered advice from parents, teachers and elders, improve and bring credit to the school in which they study. Parents should review their sons’ or daughters’ performance in school and try to improve them if they are not up to the mark. It is not the sole responsibility of a school to teach and bring up a student well. The parents also have a responsibility in shaping their sons or daughters as bright students.

Parents should see to it that their children do their homework well.


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