Avatar actress and dancer, Padding, who is

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Avatar got enraged over the unjust wish of the three great rulers. They came with their troops in chariots. Avatar saw this scene.

She sang a song invoking Lord Vinayaka. Suddenly the passage through which the kings rode in their chariots split widely and there was a big gap. The kings could not proceed further. They saw Away at a distance. They understood that Away should have caused the wide gap in the ground by her spiritual powers. They bowed before her and went back. Away was not only a poetess but a woman of great spiritual powers. She made a barren tree blossom.

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She chased a ghost away from a dilapidated building. It is said that Lord Subramanian himself appeared before her. It was thrilling and ennobling to see a movie on such a great poetess. Old films were based on real stories or on the great novels written by well-known writers. ‘Thalami Mohanambal, directed by a veteran director, was a big hit in those days. Shivaji Gamesman, the great actor, who got the Dada Sahib Heike Award and that ace actress and dancer, Padding, who is no more, were the hero and the heroine in the film. The film made a profound impact on the minds of the people.

Shivaji, an expert Nadhaswaram player and the great dancer rivaled with each other in establishing the greatness of their respective art forms. It was a neat, social film very ably directed. ‘Veerapandiya Kattabomman’, a great film on the great patriot of South India, Kattabomman, was a film in which Shivaji Gamesman brought out the spirit of patriotism of Kattabomman amazingly well. The film was shown in an international film festival. ‘Chandrasekhar’, a film produced by the Gemini pictures in Tamil and Hindi was a great hit. It was a blockbuster.

It depicted romance and valour. The films based on our Purina stories on Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu, produced by the ace director, A.P. Nagarajan, who directed ‘Thalami Mohanambal,’ was hits. Films of yesteryear were successful as they were based on good stories and were realistic.


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