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We should develop the attitude to realize that whatever happens for our good. “I do not choose the best; the best chooses me,” says Tagore in “Stray Birds”. Even if clouds of sorrow darken our lives sometimes, we should not feel depressed.

We should remember the immortal words of the famous English poet, Shelley: “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Much of misery in life comes also because of ill health. So, the children must be taught from the very beginning to take regular exercise to build strong body and to ward off diseases. Similarly, one must work hard to get proper education and training. “Work is worship” is well said. Similarly, we are told: “An idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop.” A busy man is always a happy man. He does not have to feel the pinch of boredom and ennui. Moreover, proper edu­cation and training received at the proper time enable a person to get a suitable job and to enter life with a cheerful heart.

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There is no doubt that necessities of life are important and one must Endeavour to obtain them. But to over-tax one’s energies to possess uncommon luxuries is a folly and a source of unhappiness. It is important to have a healthy and congenial atmosphere in the family and amongst the friends, col­leagues and companions.

Petty shortcomings of others should be forgiven and forgotten. After all, we are all human beings and ‘To err is human.” We should also keep our mind pure and free from ill-will and malice.

Such things spread unhappiness on all sides. One important way of remaining happy is to have a broad outlook and a cheerful demeanor. We should be considerate to others’ difficulties and limitations, and we should try to help them by all legitimate means to come out of the blues. We should not run after materialistic pursuits, short-lived glory and power. Instead, we should think and strive to ameliorate the lot of humanity without any discrimination and superficial distinction.

We should have good companions who have a healthy outlook towards life. We should avoid miserliness and meanness. Devotion to one’s duty is one of the greatest sources of happiness. The famous poetess Emile Bronte says, “Riches I hold in light esteem And love I laugh to scorn; the lust of fame is but a dream that vanished with the morn.” Accordingly, we can have taste of eternal happiness by tuning our minds to the purity of nature and spirit instead of playing second fiddle to false love and feigned friendship.


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