Is one of the biggest schools in our

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Is not Dr. Ambedkar High School, a model school, whose mission is to create awareness among the people and the students about the importance of education? Our school is one of the biggest schools in our area. Our school has classes up to the tenth standard. There are many villages in our area. Hundreds of the rural students study in our school. Our school is not a mere educational institution.

It has an aim of driving out illiteracy from the rural areas around. With the cooperation of the dedicated village Panchayati officials our school is bent on affecting a social revolution. I am very proud of being a student of the eighth standard of this school. I am the class leader. I am responsible for the good behaviour of the students of my class.

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If any student in my class is backward in studies and does not score good marks in his examinations some of us coach him till he comes up to our expectations. This system of coaching the less promising students by the students themselves is a special feature of our school. The class teacher supervises our coaching and, if necessary, he too tries his best to make even a dull student bright. If I tell someone that I study in Dr.

Ambedkar High School they look at me with admiration. People in the villages around our school think very highly of it. Education is the fundamental right of every citizen of our country. Denying education to a child is denying its fundamental right. Illiteracy is the main cause of the social backwardness of our villagers.

It is high time that the people in the rural areas realised the importance of education. The villagers depend on agriculture for their living. But the income from the cultivation of lands is not adequate for a family to make a living. An educated boy or a girl can seek a job in an office and earn. If two or three members earn in a family they can have a decent living.

Illiteracy is the main drawback of the people of the rural side. They do not take life seriously. It is my opinion that schools in the rural areas should have the social responsibility of making the villagers literate so that they can go out of the villages and sty jobs.

If every rural school functions like our school there will soon come a time when the villagers will become literate.


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