The has helped to conquer many diseases. TB,

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The inventions of science in the field of medical science are amazing.

They have conquered many dreaded diseases of the past which were cause of heavy loss of human lives. The invention of X-ray, the discovery of pencillin, is a few in the list. The invention of X-ray has enabled the doctor to know about the minor injuries. It has revolutionised the field of medicine and health. Further, the plastic surgery has brought hope to those suffering from any deformity. An ugly person can be converted into a beautiful person with the help of plastic surgery.

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The inventions of rockets and satellites have helped man to explore the possibility of life on other planets. The latest achievements of science have not only enabled man to have pleasure trips to other planets, but they have also solved the problem of interplanetary communication. The inventions have made space travel easy. The invention of wonderful drugs like pencillin, streptomycin and chloromycin has helped to conquer many diseases.

TB, once a horrible disease, has been controlled with the help of these inventions. The latest inventions of science have been as much destructive as they have been constructive. Science has made war very dangerous.

It has given gas warfare, bacteriological warfare and atomic weapons. In addition a great number of other inventions have made war horrible. Thus, inventions of science are both constructive and destructive. On the one hand, they have made the life of human beings easy and comfortable; on the other they have posed great challenge to human life.

It is up to human beings how they utilise the wonders of science for the betterment of society; otherwise they may endanger the whole planet.


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