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After completion of this course, the student may opt to some institution (e .g a medical or engineering college) for getting specialized training or he may join some vocational profession. Those students who are really brilliant or have an aptitude for higher stud­ies, alone shall join an institution of higher studies to get degree. The examination unto the +2 stage shall be conducted by the Senior Secondary Board, but at the +3 stage, it will be conducted by the university. Thus for the degree, the student will spend three years in a college. Now, what is the significance or superi­ority of the new system over the old system? In the new system, the student will have to spend one year more to get the degree. It means that he will be having more maturity when he comes out of the portals of an educational institution.

Also, he will have got more varied as well as specialized educa­tion. The purpose is to raise the general level of education to reach the international level. Thus an average Indian student, at least from the brilliant ones’ stock, will be more prepared to face the world and to enter the 21st century with adequate knowledge and confidence to face the coming challenges in this highly competitive world. Also efforts have been made to devise the syllabi in this new pattern in such a way as to discourage cramming or overwhelming dependence on mere memory.

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The one year extra spent at the university will also mitigate the problem of unemployment to some extent at least. As all the states have accepted the new system, there will be a kind of uniformity throughout the country with minor local variations. This will facilitate the students migrating from one state/university to the other and also enable regional interaction more smoothly. The new system is still at the initial stage of implementation and its impact will be realized only after a few years. But, unfor­tunately, there still persists the mushroom existence of teaching shops and fake univer­sities, as even admitted by the University Grants Commission. Some deterrent action must be taken against the defaulters. The teachers, the taught and all concerned must work sincerely and strenuously for the new system to make it a real success.


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