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The family who lives next to our left is a middle class family of Mr. Mahakam. Mr. Mahakam is a clerk in Corporation. They do not seem to be familiar with good manners. They do not possess the decorum of civilized people. Mr. Mahakam is highly arrogant by nature. He is rude also. His children are also like him. His son is twenty years old. He is a college student. He is not sincere in his studies. He wastes his time moving

aimlessly. He always creates scenes. He hears music in very high volume. It creates problems in neighborhood. When anyone dares to complain against him, he begins to quarrel with him. His parents also come for his help. His daughter too is very naughty. Their mother is a terrible lady. She always makes a noise if anyone shows his displeasure at her activities. She is not very educated. She always creates hell in her house. Everyone in the locality tries to maintain distance with this family. Most of the people are not on talking terms with them.

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But majority of my neighborhood comprises good people. They are social and helping. We enjoy our festivities together. We celebrate our festivals with each other. A good neighbor is indeed God’s gift. So we should try to be good neighbors and create an environment of peace and friendship in the neighborhood.


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