One of the greatest wonders of science

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One of the greatest wonders of science is the invention of mechanical man popularly known as robot. It is one of the delightful curiosities of modern technology. The robots are being seen as a substitute to human labour. The days are not far when these robots will be installed in factories, workshops and offices. This is a mechanical brain which can do great works with speed and accuracy.

Now we have super computers which can make calculations of billions within seconds. It has made our tasks easier. Science has brought revolution in the field of nutrition science. The synthetic products prepared with the help of science are doing great service to those who are suffering from malnutrition. It is a new hope for millions in developing countries. In addition, we have vegetable ghee and vitaminised medicinal food stored in little capsules.

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There are a variety of such food items which serve as a rich source of malnutrition. But the irony is that man himself has started the misuse of the power of science. It is increasingly being used for damage and destruction in the form of deadly weapons and a mere trigger of a button can spell doom to this beautiful planet.

The latest one in the list of the deadly weapons is the germ warfare. It has made war more dangerous and destructive. There are poisonous gases which cause pollution. Science and technology should be used for the benefits of society. Better sense should prevail.

Our scientists should come forward to promote society for the beneficial uses of their findings. Science is always there to serve the society— constructively or destructively. It is we, human beings, who have to decide how to use science. To say, we should be very rational and judicious in the use of science for the betterment of humanity so that one and all can benefit from it.


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