As were being distributed. I occupied my seat.

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As I entered the hall, the first bell had already gone. The answer sheets were being distributed. I occupied my seat.

I was per­haps the last student to be given the answer sheet. Soon, the superintendent stood up and began to annoyance instructions. Some students were whispering. He pulled them up. Then he issued a stern warning against indulging in copying. The pockets of other candidates had already been searched by the supervisory staff.

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Now my pocket was also searched by the supervisor concerned. Soon, the bell rang and the question papers were distributed. Now, there was a pin-drop silence. But, as the candidates read the question paper, some of them were none pulsed. A few students dared to get on their feet and make an unintelligible hissing sound. The superintendent shouted at them and asked them to explain their strange behavior. Hesitatingly, the students told him that a large portion of the question paper was either out of syllabus or too tough.

The superintendent tried to pacify them. But then more students raised their voice and there was pandemonium. At last the super­intendent assured the students that the matter would be brought to the notice of the Registrar and request for “grace marks” would be made. This assurance satisfied the candi­dates and they became silent. After a few minutes, a student was caught copying from a slip of paper which he had hidden in his socks. The supervisor concerned threatened to lodge a complaint against him under the U.S.A.

(unfair means case) clause. The student fell on his feet and promised to discard this evil of copying henceforward. On the advice of the superin­tendent, the supervisor let off the student. Thereafter, the students did their work silently. As the question paper was very tough, most of the students could not at­tempt all the questions. So, the hall was almost empty about one hour before the maximum time allowed was over. Fortunately, my hard work paid me divi­dends. I could attempt all the questions and sat till the end when I alone was left in the hall.

While collecting my answer book, the supervisor appreciated my effort. When I went out, my friends were there for me. We exchanged notes and they marveled at my rare performance.


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