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These lines are indeed thought-provoking. ‘I saw a big, dark spot over there, at least a mile ahead of me; it was a straight road in a forest; as it neared and neared, I saw a big elephant; sometimes, when a minor problem, we see in the distance, approaches us nearer and nearer, we realize its stunningly big size.’ Memorable lines indeed. ‘If the radiance of the three stripes of the sacred ash you wear on your forehead does not chase away the impure thoughts in your mind, why should you wear the sacred ash?’ Really lines that make us think. Many other poems can be quoted from the profuse amount of poetry of our day. ‘It was bleached sunlight in the street; a poor, dark beggar curling his body like a question mark lay lifeless in the middle; a dark patch of poverty in the bright, white light; an old, puny man was dragging a cart in hot sunshine; his sweat-drops spilling all along the way imprinted his poverty; a woman street-vendor announced the names of the vegetables at the top pitch of her voice; now and then she spat and drops of blood fell on the ground, imprinting her poverty.

’ Lines very impressive indeed. The poet’s heart is wrung by thoughts of poverty. ‘O city, your skyscrapers are as tall as the desires that rise to the vault of my mind; your thorough-fares are spotlessly clean and bright, but in your by-lanes and lanes, gutters of intolerable stench run; I look smart and fashionable, but in my inmost being foul thoughts emit foul smell; the machines in your factories shriek and howl just like me when I’m depressed, sullen.’ Indeed I like this poem.

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