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It is important that in the context of no availability of jobs in the Government departments and in the private institutions the educated youth should think of self-employment. Self-help groups are fast coming up in several areas with the support of finance from banks. It was shown on the TV that a whole village in south India is engaged in the bakery business. The villagers have joined together and make bread, biscuit, different kinds of cake, puffs etc. Some groups undertake the sale of their products through shops and cooperative societies. This is a wonderful story of cooperation among the villagers and they should have thought about their business and should have crossed many hurdles in the implementation of their programme.

This is a model village and other villages can follow it. In the North Arco district in south India there is a village called China Pallikkuppam. Many women in the village were employed in the quarries as bonded labourers.

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Among these women some came out with the idea of starting their own business and they began working at it. The self-help group started the stone-quarrying business with a piece of land allotted by the Government. It made profit soon and the loan they got from the State Bank of India was repaid in regular installments. The business is growing from strength to strength and the women work with a sense of freedom and earn well. They say that they will educate their children well and open up a new chapter in their families.

Those who are unemployed should not get dispirited when they have no job but should think of becoming entrepreneurs. In the initial stage, in a business, there may be some problems which should be overcome resolutely. There are stories and stories of prosperous businessmen and industrialists who have come up from scratch. There are successful businessmen who have switched over from business to business and who have finally found the business most suitable to them and profitable.

Efforts never fail.


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