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Last Sunday I had a travel by bus to Chandigarh for I had missed the train. I had an interview the next day. It was urgent to reach there.

Hence I had no option but to travel by bus. | bought my ticket and took window seat. My luggage was loaded on the roof. I was worried for the safety of my luggage.

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It was 6 o’clock when the bus started for Chandigarh. Sunshine fell through the eastern windows. It was the month of May. As the sun rose, people began to feel the heat. I was a little safe during the early hours of the day as I had my seat on the western side. But I could no longer remain comfortable for the mercury rose during the midday and heat was unbearable by there.

The bus was running at regular speed. Sometimes there were heavy jerks as the driver had to control his speed so as to give side to the bus coming from the opposite direction. As the road was narrow and two ways, the driver had to be extra alert. At some places, the bus went down the metallic road and raised a lot of dust.

Our clothes and faces were covered with dust. The bus reached Ambala at 1 p.m.

It halted there for half an hour. Many passengers had their lunch there. I also had my lunch at a stall at the stand and bought a novel of Premchand to read during the onward journey. The driver was very punctual. He started the bus at scheduled time. All the passengers got back to the bus. By the time the temperature was at its peak.

Hot wind was blowing through the windows. Though the passengers had downed the glasses of the window, but the scorching heat was badly felt. The passengers were in trouble but there was no respite, no help.

The bus reached Carnal by 3 p.m. The passengers alighted from the bus. The bus halted there for fifteen minutes. All the passengers washed their faces and had some refreshment there.

Most of the passengers enjoyed lassi, cold drink, and ice-creams. The bus once again started towards its destination. Moving a little ahead we were caught by a storm. It blew furiously.

The driver stopped the bus by the side of road. It was impossible to move ahead. The storm raged about two hours. Then it stopped. The driver started once again.

Now the weather was pleasant. The heat had come down. The bus drove at great speed only to stop at the destination. The onward journey was not as troublesome.

I reached Chandigarh at 7 p.m. By the time, I had exhausted, completely. I made up my mind never to travel by a bus again. But often the situation takes such a turn that we have no option but to compromise.

Just that happened with me.


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