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The great men and women of the world are concerned with the moral deterioration in society, and so out of extreme compassion for their fellowmen, who don’t think about morals, now and then warn them that if they do not pursue the path of righteousness they too will meet with ignominy. The youngsters should have guidance from the elders, who are wise and enlightened. There are hundreds and hundreds of golden sayings, and we may read a few of them. Do not postpone any work. The work that needs to be urgently done should be done as quickly as possible. We should see what good others have done for us and not what harm others have done for us.

Try to see everyone as your friend. If you love others, others love you too. Honesty and truthfulness are more valuable than power or money. A great man is a generous man. Do not harm the person who harmed you.

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By showing him kindness changes him. Life is short. It is like an ice cream. Before it begins to melt taste and eat it. This means that you should not waste even a single minute.

Working hard is like worshipping God. Laziness wastes you. Make hay while the sun shines. This means that when there is an opportunity to do a thing successfully do not miss the opportunity. All that glitters is not gold. This means that all things which have a brig it shine are not real gold. A dishon­est man may appear to be honest.

We should be cautious. We should not get cheated by him. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. This means that what we have now is more valuable than what we are going to get.

We are not sure whether we will get something we long for. Haste makes waste. Contentment leads to happiness. You should not go on longing for more and more. If you do so you will not be peaceful.

If you learn to be satisfied with what you have you are happy. Laughter is the best medicine. Do not worry. What is going to happen will happen. But try to get what you want. The best gift you give others is your love.


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