Selfishness free camps for dental and eye care,

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Selfishness is the worst quality and you should take a resolve that in the future you should turn over a new leaf with a readiness to assist those who suffer without support. Nowadays hospitals take up the role of good Samaritans and send their staff to conduct free camps for dental and eye care, for a comprehensive medical check-up of the persons who come to the camps. These free medical camps are becoming popular in various places, especially in the rural areas.

In the rural areas people do not pay adequate attention to health care and so free medical camps in the rural areas are a boon to the villagers. Social service does not mean only medical service to the poor but it implies many other services like giving free legal aid to the poor, conducting night schools for the uneducated etc. Students should develop the spirit of social service. They should be unselfish.

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They should develop the spirit of sharing others’ sorrows and joys. Living as a well-knit family, living as a well-knit society, living as a well-knit nation, is most important. Students in a school or college should not divert their attention to political matters but should do social service in a spirit of cooperation. During the holidays students may go to the nearby villages and assess the villagers’ basic requirements.

If the villagers complain of the lack of medical facilities or protected drinking water or of the need for good houses, they can report about their visit to a village to the concerned authorities who will take action. Students should develop a constructive approach to life even from a young age. Then they will not be playful; will not take part in agitations which are not their concern. The considered opinion of the educational experts is that students should not interfere in political matters. They should concentrate on their studies. It will be quite praiseworthy if students during their spare time and holidays do social service. They may conduct night schools for the illiterate adults and the children.

They may visit the aged, diseased persons’ houses and arrange for their treatment by taking them to hospitals. A Youths’ Federation of Social Service may be set up and it can help to the best extent possible in taking medical care to the villages. The Federation may conduct awareness campaigns for Aides, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Diabetes etc. They may impress on the illiterate villagers the need for controlling the population. They should impress on the people that the ‘one-child norm’ for a family is the best way to limit the population growth. Students are great storehouses of energy and ideas and they should channelize their energy in constructive ways. They can give great support to the activities of the Government.

The youth force is a formidable force. That is why Swami Vivekananda said, ‘Get me a hundred energetic youths and I shall change the whole India.’


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