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There was a decline in eminence of the city during the medieval period. When the Mughal strengthened their hold on India, Patna once again gained its lost eminence. It came to be known as Azimabad during the Mughal’s regime. It had great strategic importance at that time. Its location was helpful to the Mughal emperor in carrying out their expansionist programme. Patna played a significant role in the freedom movement. Sadaqat Ashram, an important centre of political activities during the freedom movement, is located in Patna. Patna is the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs. The guru spent first seven years of his life in Patna. Many activities of guru’s childhood are preserved in several gurdwaras in and around Patna. The city holds great religious importance for the Sikhs. The pilgrims from all across the country visit this place.

Patna has so many things to attract tourists of all tastes and choices. The Golghar is an important historical building located in the middle of the city. Built by the English this semi­circular building, very much like a cup turned upside down, is now used as a granary. In addition, Kumharar, Agamkuan, etc. are places of great historical interests.

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The city has made great progress with time. There are premier educational and professional institutes in Patna. Students from different parts of the region come here to pursue studies in different fields. The city has become crowded now. It is densely populated. It is big centre of trade and commerce. People come here for business purposes. Due to immigration, urbanization and industrialization, pollution has become a problem. Smokes from vehicles, industries and other sources have made the environment terribly polluted.

So, we need to be aware of the problem before it is too late. We should be serious to keep our city clean.


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